Monthly Access

Monthly Access

Subscribe today to access our growing library of resources including webinars, evidence-based information sheets, and quality therapy resources. Learn from qualified therapists on demand with our webinars that are added to monthly. Learn when it suits you best. From the subscription you will gain: 

  • Evidence-based strategies and techniques to support your child's development.
  • Access to the entire While You Wait webinar library.
  • Discounts on purchases from our online store

Introductory offer

Take advantage of our launch special and subscribe for just $40 per month!* Introductory pricing already applied at checkout. 

  • Weekly therapy can easily cost around $1000 per month, per therapy.
  • Our price? Less than a 30 minute session for one session of therapy. 
  • What's included? Unlimited access to a growing library of information and resources from multiple types of therapies (e.g. OT and Speech). 
  • It doesn't use your therapy budget. This subscription is claimable under low-cost consumables so it doesn't touch your therapy funding at all!

NDIS Claimable

To use your NDIS funding to pay for your subscription, simply fill out one of our 'Service Agreements'. One of our friendly staff will be in touch within one (1) week to process your subscription. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. For full details, please see refer to our Terms and Conditions.

*Introductory discount details:
This introductory price for monthly subscriptions is only available for immediate purchase (privately paying or NDIS self-managed clients). For monthly subscriptions under NDIS agency or or plan-managed, the full RRP of $60 per month will be currently charged.

Introductory price is available for NDIS agency or plan managed clients for annual subscriptions. 

WYW will review their introductory level pricing in July 2024. At this time, the full retail price of $60 per month will apply (price subject to change with pricing review). 

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NDIS Funded?

Eligible for claiming through NDIS PLANS.