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We know that there can be a long wait for families to access therapy services.

Unfortunately, this problem seems systemic across all therapy services not just in Australia, but around the globe. We have a shortage of therapists and increased demand for services.

Without any easy solutions available, it was time to think outside the box. We needed another solution to reach families stuck on waiting lists and unable to access the therapy their children need in a timely manner.

End the waiting game.

We understand that it is extremely frustrating for parents who are unable to access services in a timely manner. We want to provide practical resources and information to families who are currently waiting for therapy services, or accessing therapy and looking for other ways to implement strategies at home.

Our While You Wait resources were designed so that you can kick-start your child’s journey to success at home. Your subscription allows you unlimited access to our growing resource library.

Subscription - what's included?

  • Printable therapy activities
  • Instructional video clips (Quick Clips)
  • Information sheets
  • Webinar Hub
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NDIS Claimable

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Gain access to therapy resources and webinars immediately; end the waiting game now.

By subscribing to White You Wait, you'll have access to a wealth of therapy resources and a growing webinar library, all tailored to meet the needs of children who have developmental delays.


We understand the importance of providing families with trustworthy and reliable information, and that's why we are dedicated to delivering only the highest-quality, evidence-based resources designed for children exclusively by our qualified clinicians.

Expert-led Webinars

Our growing webinar library features expert-led sessions on topics such as understanding the NDIS, interpreting assessment scores, toilet training, using visuals to communicate, and more. These webinars provide valuable insights and strategies to help families support their child's development within the home.

A growing online library of resources

Subscribe to gain access to our growing library of online resources including printable therapy activities, information sheets, instructional video clips, and webinar hub.

These resources can help you kick-start your child's development while you wait to access a therapist.

Our Webinar Hub
Each month, we add a webinar presented by qualified professionals on various therapy and clinical topics.

Webinar topics may include:
– how to get started with visuals in the home,
– toilet training,
– managing picky eating, and
– tips for increasing communication opportunities in the home.

Why the wait?

Currently in Australia, there are significant wait times to access both public and private therapy services. This problem doesn't seem to be location specific and is systemic across the nation, although certainly worse in rural and remote regions.

There are several factors that have caused the current therapy crisis.

Firstly, we have seen a significant increase in clients accessing private services since the roll-out of the NDIS. It’s great that families now have the ability to choose their provider and can access their preferred private therapist. However, with so many families making this switch all at once, it has placed a great deal of pressure on private practices. 

Further compounding the issue, there are simply not enough speech pathologists graduating to fill the need. While there may be more universities offering speech pathology, the uptake and completion of these courses is not enough to meet demand. Retention within the profession is also not great and with a predominantly female workforce, there are a lot of part-time clinicians juggling families and work.

There are certainly more factors that have contributed to the current demand for services and increased wait times, however from just these few factors, you can see that we have increased demand, with decreased supply of therapists. It’s a combination that has caused the very significant wait for services everywhere. 

We don't yet have an answer to solve the wait list dilemma (we're still waiting for someone to invent a cloning machine...). But we feel the frustration that families can't access services and children are delayed in getting the services they need. We know that early intervention is best and there are countless children who need access to therapy now.

Out of this frustration the idea for 'While You Wait' was born. Our online library attempts to bridge the gap for families who can’t access services.

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